The creation of the All About Young Children: Information for Families on Children’s Early Development resources involved many people. The following groups and individuals contributed:

Project Leaders

The following staff members are gratefully acknowledged for their contributions: Peter L. Mangione and Katie Monahan, WestEd.

Principal Writer

Special thanks are extended to the principal writer, Janis Keyser, Infant Care Program at Google, for her expertise and contributions in developing the resources.

Advisory Group

Celia Ayala, Los Angeles Universal Preschool

Susana Estrada, Wilmington Community Clinic

Diane Harkins, Center for Excellence in Child Development at The Center for Human Services, UC Davis Extension

Janis Keyser, Infant Care Program at Google

Sascha Longstreth, San Diego State University

Marva Lyons, Alameda Professional Child Care Association

Lex Matteini, Public Health Strategy LLC

Cheryl Williams-Jackson, Modesto Junior College

Janet Zamudio, BANANAS

WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies – Project Staff and Advisers

Monica Hernandez

Jonathan Lemon

Gina Morimoto

Teresa Ragsdale

Josefina Sapriza

Amy Schustz-Alvarez

Laurel Stever

Sara Webb-Schmitz

Ann-Marie Wiese

California Department of Education

Thanks are extended to the following staff members: Richard Zeiger, Chief Deputy Superintendent; Lupita Cortez Alcala, Deputy Superintendent of Instruction & Learning Support Branch; Cecelia Fisher-Dahms, Quality Improvement Office Administrator; Sy Dang Nguyen, Child Development Consultant, for ongoing revisions and recommendations. During the development process, many CDE staff members were involved at various levels. Additional thanks are extended to Child Development Division staff: Desiree Soto and Laura Bridges; and Special Education Division staff: Meredith Cathcart.

Translation of Print Materials

WorldWide Translations
Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Translation Review Consultants

Celia Ayala

Irene Bersola-Nguyen

Cynthia Chang

Min Chen-Gaddini

Sara Miller

Sy Dang Nguyen

Irene Sak

Filming Locations of Parent and Family Member Interviews

ABC Magic Moments


Marva’s Happy Town Family Child Care

Parkway Child Development Center

Portola Family Connections

Solano Community College

Parents and Family Members Featured in Video Materials

Laura Aceves

Dinorah Álvarez

Sulakshna Anand

Preston Barker

Kenishe Bradley

Brittancia Brantley

Tiana Capers

Amy Chappelle

Kristie Chen

Ashley Davis

Zollette Hooks

Len Jaochico

Randell Lewis

Kimberly Logan

Teri Looney

Sandra Lopez

Mariah Lothlen

Derrick Lyons

Eterei Lyons

Văn O’Bryan II

Norman Ospina

Silvina Perez

Kari Preston

Kim Scott

Tanya Smith

Gina Sudaria

Leandro Vieira

Fen Wu

Video Production

Peter L. Mangione, Producer

Peter Shwartz, Dellaruth Video, Producer/Director/Editor

Assistant Editor: Glynn Butterfield

Directors of Photography: Rick Butler and Blake McHugh

Additional Camera: Steve Davy, Dan Anderson

Principal Field Audio: Kevin Brown

Additional Field Audio: Wellington Bowler, Hugh Scott, Jack Morris, Jose Smith, Robel Butler, Anna Robertson, David Silverberg

YouTube Channel

Parent and Family Interview Session Video

Directors of Photography: Rick Butler and Blake McHugh

Additional Camera: Dan Anderson, Steve Davy, Wellington Bowler

Field Audio: Peter Shwartz and Robel Butler

Editor: Marilyn Heiss

Assistant Editor: Kelly Kimbrough

Footage of children in child care centers and preschools is from the California Department of Education’s California Infant/Toddler Learning & Development Foundations DVD Series and the California Preschool Learning Foundations, Volume 1 DVD Series.

Music: Stefan Dasho

Closed Captioning of Video Materials

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Translation of Video Closed Captioning

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Website Development – WestEd

Project Leader: Peter L. Mangione

Project Managers: Laurel Stever, Katharine Handler and Michelle Kirk

Content Developer:  Janis Keyser

Content Assistance and Photography:  Jonathan Lemon, Annabel Vogel and Sara Webb-Schmitz.

Website Team:  Jessie Johnson, Sarah Madden, Ray Baxter, Sanjay Pardanani, and Katie Ranftle

Video: Peter Shwartz, Dellaruth Video

Translation:  Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Public Input

Three input sessions with early childhood education professionals and four focus groups with parents and family members of young children consisting of 91 total participants gave valuable feedback and suggestions on the development and revision of the resources.